October 14, 2023

A Comprehensive Exploration of Cipla's Transform+ Journey

As they embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance the effectiveness of its sales teams. The pharmaceutical sector in India, characterized by linguistic diversity and unique market dynamics, necessitated a tailored approach. Cipla's commitment to excellence led to the adoption of Transform+ by CUR8, with a focus on achieving unparalleled sales team effectiveness.


Quality Sales Professionals for Educational Initiatives

Kreedo faced challenges in recruiting top-notch sales professionals to support their mission of democratizing quality early education in India. The absence of exceptional sales talents limited their ability to effectively promote educational initiatives, hindering the organization's outreach and impact.

Enriching Student Learning Outcomes

They aim to elevate student learning outcomes by ensuring that their educational programs were effectively communicated and adopted. Without a skilled and motivated sales team, the organization struggled to convey the value of its programs, potentially limiting their reach and impact on early education.

Elevating Educational Standards

Kreedo sought to enhance educational standards by reaching a broader audience and establishing a stronger presence in the education sector.

The lack of a robust sales force impeded their ability to expand their reach and influence, slowing down efforts to raise educational standards in the region.

Efficiency in HR Processes:

HR processes at Kreedo were facing inefficiencies, particularly in the recruitment of sales professionals which not only delayed the onboarding of key team members but also increased the overall cost of recruitment, affecting the organization's financial sustainability.

How CUR8 solved it!

Targeted Recruitment Strategies

CUR8 devised tailored recruitment strategies to identify sales professionals who were not only skilled but also aligned with Kreedo's mission and values. The recruitment strategy led to the hiring of exceptional sales professionals who were passionate about contributing to the democratization of quality early education.

Sales Team Empowerment

CUR8 implemented programs to empower and motivate the sales team, aligning their goals with Kreedo's mission. The empowered sales team became effective advocates for Kreedo's educational initiatives, resulting in increased outreach and adoption of their programs.

Educational Program Promotion

CUR8 worked with Kreedo to refine its approach to promoting educational programs, ensuring that the sales team effectively communicated the value of these initiatives. It led to an improved understanding of the educational offerings, contributing to elevated educational standards and increased adoption.

HR Process Optimization

CUR8 collaborated with Kreedo to optimize HR processes, specifically targeting the recruitment workflow to reduce the time and cost associated with hiring. The HR process optimization resulted in a 35% reduction in the cost per hire, making recruitment more cost-effective and efficient.

Shhh! The Numbers speak for themselves

Inc. Revenue Team Efficiency
Post Demo Conversions
Reduced Time-to-Fill
Candidate Satisfaction Rate

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