October 14, 2023

Transforming Revenue Teams' Efficiency at MongoDB

MongoDB recognized the need to optimize the efficiency of its sales team to navigate the evolving landscape of technology solutions. To address this, MongoDB embraced Transform+ by CUR8, This case study delves into the journey of MongoDB's sales team and the transformative impact of integrating Transform+ into their daily operations.


Extended Time-to-Fill

SquadStack struggled with prolonged recruitment cycles, leading to a talent acquisition process that was not agile enough to meet the fast-paced demands of the industry. Delayed onboarding resulted in gaps in team structure, affecting productivity and potentially causing missed business opportunities.

Quality of Hires

Identifying candidates who not only possessed the requisite skills but also aligned with SquadStack's dynamic and high-performance culture was proving challenging.

The mismatch between candidate expectations and company values led to a higher turnover rate and a potential misalignment with the organizational vision.

Talent Relationship Management

Building enduring relationships with potential candidates was proving elusive, impacting the company's ability to create a talent pool of engaged and enthusiastic professionals.

A lack of sustained engagement led to missed opportunities to attract top talent and hindered the company's reputation in the job market.

Sales Team Performance

The need for exceptional sales team members was critical for SquadStack's revenue growth, but identifying and onboarding such talent was posing a significant challenge.

Slower sales team expansion meant missed sales targets and limited scalability for the company.

How CUR8 solved it!

Advanced Candidate Screening

CUR8 introduced advanced screening processes to identify not just skills but also potential cultural fit and long-term compatibility. SquadStack experienced a more targeted pool of candidates, streamlining the selection process and reducing the time required to fill key positions.

Tailored Recruitment Strategy

A bespoke recruitment strategy was developed in collaboration with SquadStack, considering not only the specific skill sets required but also the unique cultural aspects and long-term goals.

The company saw an uptick in candidates who not only met job requirements but also seamlessly integrated into the company culture, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

Talent Relationship Management Platform

CUR8 introduced a comprehensive talent relationship management platform, providing a centralized hub for ongoing communication, engagement, and relationship building with potential candidates.

The platform contributed to a 95% candidate satisfaction rate, fostering a positive employer brand and creating a pipeline of engaged professionals eager to join the SquadStack team.

Performance Metrics Optimization

CUR8 worked collaboratively with SquadStack to identify and continuously optimize key performance metrics, ensuring the recruitment process remained agile and responsive to evolving needs.

Regular reviews and adjustments led to a finely tuned recruitment engine, contributing to enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability.

Shhh! The Numbers speak for themselves

Higher Team Adaptability
Inc. Customer Engagement
Improved Quality of Hires
Increase in Team Efficiency

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