February 28, 2024

Elevating Mokobara: A Sales Transformation Tale

Mokobara, a D2C brand dedicated to enhancing its in-store customer experience, recognized key challenges for it's sales team: mastering detailed product knowledge across numerous SKUs and engaging with a knowledgeable customer base. To tackle these obstacles, Mokobara embraced Transform+ by CUR8, ushering in a new era in it's sales strategy.


Inadequate Onboarding

The team faced significant challenges in onboarding new employees, leading to gaps in product knowledge and elevated attrition rates.

Inconsistent Customer Experience

Sales representatives struggled to communicate the value and unique selling points of Mokobara's products, affecting brand perception and customer conversion rates.

Limited Product Knowledge

Keeping up with new product launches and features became a stumbling block for the team, impacting the in-store customer experience.

How CUR8 solved it!

Customized Enablement Journeys

The Mokobara sales team enjoyed a customized experience with Transform+, benefiting from a personalized enablement program crafted for each team member.

AI-Powered Sales Coach

Transform+ equipped Mokobara's sales team with a 

24/7 AI Sales Coach, providing instant, brand-specific responses to sales inquiries, standardizing the customer experience across all Mokobara outlets.

WhatsApp ChatBot

Transform+ ensured that the team stayed informed with product knowledge updates via WhatsApp, meeting team members where they are.

Shhh! The Numbers speak for themselves

Increase in Product Knowledge
Increase in Customer Satisfaction
Higher Onboarding Efficiency
Growth in Repeat Customer Visits

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