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Experts Led Recorded and Live Sessions

These sessions enhance your knowledge with real-world insights and foster engagement, all while offering the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Gain direct access to industry experts through live sessions.
Enjoy on-demand learning with recorded sessions.
Learn practical skills with real-world examples and case studies from experts.
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Industry Specific, Co-Developed Competency Framework

This framework is collaboratively designed to meet the unique needs of your industry, ensuring that your workforce acquires the skills and knowledge required to excel.

Create your profile linked to the competency framework, specifically crafted for your industry.
Co-created with industry experts to aligns with current industry trends and standards.
Enjoy a personalized learning path that matches your industry's specific demands.
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Analytics Dashboard to be on Track

This empowers you with real-time data and insights to ensure you're on the right track toward achieving your learning goals.

Access real-time data on your training progress and performance.
Set and track your learning objectives within the dashboard.
Receive personalized feedback and recommendations based on your performance data.
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Suite of Enablement Solutions

Transform+ offers a comprehensive Suite of Enablement Solutions designed to empower your organization with a range of tools and resources.

Access a complete range of solutions, including Pitch Builder, AI Sales Coach, and a lot more.
Tailored enablement solutions to meet your organization's specific needs.
Enjoy the convenience of having all your enablement tools in one place.
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Featured resource

The Rise of Revenue Operations in 2023

Discover the traits that divide high maturity and low maturity revenue teams.

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Navigating Success: A Deep Dive into Transform+

Learning Journeys
Diverse learning journeys tailored to empower professionals across various industries.
Industry Experts
Network of industry experts for valuable insights and guidance in your learning journey.
Avg. Completion Rate
Impressive completion rates, showcasing learner engagement and commitment to excellence.
Overall User Satisfaction
Our user satisfaction rate reflects our dedication to delivering a top-tier learning experience.

Founders & Business Heads can’t stop talking about CUR8!

''I have never seen hiring as quick as CUR8 does.''

Sushmita Mishra

People & Culture

"Can definitely vouch for CUR8, very swift & precise. Great diversity in the community."

Eklavya Gupta

Founder, Recur Club

"CUR8 has been excellent in helping us get the right candidates- more power to this community."

Manikandhan Krishna

Co-Founder, Kreedo

"My only check, whenever there is a new hire at Allo Health, is if they are coming from the CUR8 community."

Pranay Jivrajka

Founder, Allo Health

"To anyone who now comes to me to hire revenue teams, I tell them to get in touch with Team CUR8 as we did."

Kartik Mandaville

Founder, Springworks

"Their conversion ratio of getting a candidate onboard is unheard of."

Sameer Wahie

Founder, Swageasy

It's been a wonderful experience hiring off CUR8, The passion and dedication of the team are truly remarkable.

Rahul Kishore Singh

Founder, Bonatra

"Our only check when there is a new hire at Allo Health is are they from CUR8."

Nadeem Ahmed

People & Culture

"CUR8 has been a tremendous support for us."

Muneeb Anwar

Revenue Head

"CUR8 helped us hire the best candidates."

Aditya Goyal

Founder & CEO
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Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Google
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Craig Sams
Lead Developer, Amazon
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Transform+ benefit my organization's growth?

Transform+ empowers your teams with upskilling and customized learning paths, resulting in improved performance, higher revenue, and a competitive edge.

What industries is Transform+ suitable for?

Transform+ is versatile and caters to various industries, including tech, healthcare, finance, and more, with industry-specific content and competency frameworks.

Can I track the ROI of Transform+ for my organization?

Yes, you can. Transform+ provides robust analytics to measure the impact of training on performance, helping you gauge ROI effectively.

What sets Transform+ apart from other upskilling platforms?

Transform+ stands out with its experts-led sessions, industry-specific competency frameworks, comprehensive analytics, and a community of professionals, making it a holistic solution for organizational growth.

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