November 4, 2023

Transforming Revenue Teams’ Efficiency at Refrens

Refrens recognized the need to empower its sales force to effectively engage with clients across diverse industries, leveraging their technology solutions. To meet this challenge head-on, Refrens adopted Transform+ by CUR8. This case study explores the journey of Refrens' sales team alongside Transform+, emphasizing its transformative influence on their daily practices.


Diverse Customer Base

The Refens’ sales team struggled to personalize pitches for diverse customers, impacting satisfaction and retention.

‍Onboarding Challenges

Inefficiencies and performance gaps arose from inconsistent onboarding processes for new team members, impacting overall productivity and missed opportunities.

Low Conversion Rates

Due to a lack of awareness of industry-best practices for lead qualification, product demos, and follow-up strategies, the sales team at Refrens struggled with low conversion rates.

How CUR8 solved it!

AI Pitch Analyser

Transform+ equipped Refrens' sales team with the AI Pitch Analyzer, enabling them to refine their pitches before client interactions, ensuring readiness for any scenario during calls.

Tailored Enablement Paths

Refrens' team experienced a bespoke journey with Transform+, where each member received a personalized program to enhance their skills and effectiveness.

Industry-tested Sales Playbook

Expert-led masterclasses via Transform+ provided Refrens' team with a proven sales playbook in various sales aspects, leading to increased lead conversion rates.

Shhh! The Numbers speak for themselves

Higher Adaptability to Industry Changes
Increased Client Engagement
Higher Onboarding Efficiency
Revenue Team Members Enabled

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